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  1. How state failure was financed and by whom.

  2. “Their Own Worst Enemy” covers how successive Governments plundered Somalia’s Public Resources and why the World looked On. This report has been spread into 3 categories of budget revenue/expenditure provisions. The periods covered are from 2000-2013, 2009-2013 and 2013 alone. The main feature for the report is budget performance, successive government administrations’ performance and the way forward.

  3. LSE-IDEAS Africa Programme, Occasional Paper 1, May 2013

    This policy briefing, based on a longer and more detailed study to be published, critically examines Somalia’s public sector finance and the efforts to reconstruct the state from the transitional national government.

  4. Audit Investigative Financial Report - 2011

    Audit Investigative Financial Report covers 2011 and was also subjected into further investigations in view of the discrepancies noted in years 2010-2009.

  5. Audit Investigative Financial Report-2010/2009

    Audit Investigative Financial Report covers years 2010/2009. The analysis and in view of the previous report was extended into an in depth investigation reconciliation.

  6. Annual Financial Report 2009

    This was the first analysis since 1991 and it formed the basis for the subsequent year’s reviews (revenue/expenditure analysis). The report was as a result of international community pressure.